Thought From Bed

Purple petal flower


I watch as the sheer curtains


and exhale.

I am succumbed with grief

on how I’ve seemed to lose the inherit

stillness that lives within and around me.

Nature is quiet, we provide the noise.

We provide the chaos.

We provide the mess and color

in this porcelain universe.


I am begging god for the answers,

but they are whispering “it’s all right here.”

Still, I cannot hear the softness of their voices.

I cannot see what jewels lay before me.

I am yelling at a seed to grow,

But not watering it properly.


Poem by Emma DeBono

Emma is an experienced writer and content creator, living in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up as an only child, she developed her love for story-telling from a very young age. Emma published her debut poetry collection, Water the Plants While I’m Away, last autumn. Emma is also a freelance writer and a full-time cat and plant mom. Nature has always been an inherent part of Emma’s writing and was thrilled to find Plants & Poetry, the first journal she has come across that incorporate these two loves. Find more about Emma and her writing on