Setting Out

Black and gray sea turtle on brown sand

Deliberate and wise
I slowly return
across hills of deep sand,
as a mother –
to leave behind a great treasure.
I must leave, and I do,
the sea calls.
I leave them behind.
In a short time the tiniest lives
begin to arise,
I bore them to dig and to climb to grow stronger.
Soon all defy
the dangers to find
their path on a moonlit endeavour.
I left the sea for them, knowing they would follow.
I left them behind.
The moment defines
a new hope and it lies
in a brave setting out to the future.
I formed them to live and to swim and to hide.
And now where am I,
a mother –
now older and wiser?
Ten years will decide
how my night
across the divide,
the leaving behind,
brought to the vast sea
something dearer.


-Poem by Siobhan Westrop

I am a writer, hiker, mother, wife and lover of all things natural. Writing outside is my favourite way to spend a day. I live and explore in Alberta, Canada.

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