Cathedral of Bones

White mushroom on brown dried leaves


Hidden in the undergrowth

Among bluebells galore

Lay the carcass of a deer

Who lives no more?


Eyes, like starlight

Reflect the moons gaze

As the foxes inquire

Giving thanks and praise


Owls in the daylight

Intrude on the scene

As I pass by unnoticed

Rib cage picked clean


A cathedral of bones

Architecture of creation

A new fallen alter

Void of temptation


A cloak of cold fur

Sodden with blood

Sacrifice to all nature

To bloom in the flood


Poem by Philippa Wood

Just an Essex-born, Devon-bred country-bumpkin who loves to read and play with words. Harry Potter nerd, hair dye fanatic, queen of tattoos and with more wool than needed to fill up a shop, the author embraces her sense of ‘quirky’, possibly to an extreme. A soon-to-be Trainee of Clinical Psychology with a fascination with and passion for mental health. Whilst the writing may be dark, each poem tells as story.