The Peach

I fell from the branch
this morning
landing with a thud
on the sunny unkempt lawn
nectar slowly trickling out
from a small tear in my skin
birds diving to take a taste
but shooed away
by the wizened man
who kindly fed and watered me
a bud who didn’t know what he’d become

his crooked hands
hold me gently
as he sniffs my sweetness
with a smile

how alike we are
both overripe
him bruised by season and time

he takes a bite
I dribble down his chin
and we taste each other
whole for an endless moment
as I return the life
he gave me
and he savors another day
before he falls from the branch

Poem by Stephen Nathan

Stephen Nathan began his professional life as an actor (originating the role of Jesus in Godspell) but moved into a career as a writer in the late 70s. For over 40 years he has primarily written for film, television and theater winning, among other acknowledgements, the Humanitas Prize, Writers Guild Award, and two Emmy nominations. Nathan’s poetry has recently been or will be featured in Typishly, Haunted Water Press, High Shelf, Esthetic Apostle, Cathexis Northwest Press, Cultural Weekly among others.