The Breath of Fall

Brown leaves photo


Eagerly awaiting fall

I am the breeze that nudges leaves

from maple trees gone flaming red


and soon I’m wind with strength to sway

the pirouetting pointed leaves

of elms and their slow slides to yellow


in October’s shortening days

falling to faint but joyful echoes

of spring and summer’s lively songs


and muted swinging orchestras

their dark and richly mellow woodwinds

serenading leafless trees


so that once more my gusts spark crackling

crisping leaves to dance in flames

renewing fall’s old phoenix games


Poem by Ralph La Rosa

Ralph La Rosa has published work on American writers, written for film and fiction, now devoting himself to poetry, having published widely on the Internet, in print journals, in the chapbook Sonnet Stanzas, and in a full-length collection, Ghost Trees. My Miscellaneous Muse: Poem Pastiches & Whimsical Words was published in May 2020.