porch, front, house

I want a wraparound porch
and a wraparound man
and for trust to wrap around us
while we love each other as best we can.

And I also want a stoop
leading up to some stone
could be brown or could be cobbled
but the building will be tall
and we will call it home.

And I also want a partner
who will take all the pictures
and a family that travels
but kids that
call themselves New Yorkers.

And I also want the country
want to make crepes
with lots of butter
in the mornings
after my walks at dawn
with a dog
then lush quiet nights
chopped firewood and chimneys.

I want so many things.
What wants me?


By Diana Arnold

Diana Arnold is a poet who uses form as function to distill moments of divinity in our lives. She is a huge fan of Tiny Seed and hopes these poems are a good fit! Previously, her poem ‘Seeds’ was published by Mad Gleam Press in 2017, and her short story ‘Refrain’ was published by Toby Press in 2010.