Eternal Web


Through the misty and gloomy mornings,

where the dew shines on the eternal Web,

fragile, sticky and thin,

but turning stronger as within.

Growing wiser as days passing by,

travelling through the cluster routes

like a corn maze everyone loves to do,

what wilder it could have been?

harder for everyone to look within.

Settling its own path with silky rays,

Balancing well in organic and inorganic ways.


Poem and Photo by Sumeet Mehta

Born in India, Sumeet Mehta is an artist and a photographer. Sumeet Mehta has won a gold medal and a National award for her art in India. She migrated to USA in 2011 with her husband. Now residing in New Hampshire with her family. She was delved into photography in 2016. She won the people’s choice award in photography in 2019.