Reading of “Crooked Ways” by Tabitha van der Lee

This Beauty Has No Language by Tabitha van der Lee published by Tiny Seed Press is now available. 10% of the book’s proceeds are donated to the Rodale Institute. The Rodale Institute leads the way in organic agriculture research.

Tabitha van der Lee’s poetry is as if she found one of the hidden pencils tucked away in the tree limbs of Mary Oliver’s heart.

​”van der Lee’s words remind us how intimately we are connected to nature, from the soil to the sky. It is a unique privilege to reflect on the duty we have to protect our own well-being and the natural world through her poetry.” – Rodale Institute

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Tabitha van der Lee​​ is a mom of two children, living in the Netherlands with her beloved of the past two decades. She has always been fascinated by the ways we are touched by life and grow from experience. “We are – as life is – forever becoming.” Writing to her is a way of looking – always looking – at this becoming. To ponder it, be amazed by it, and take part in it.​