Kick-Off: Facing the Fire

Night fire burning sparks


Dear Tiny Seed Community,

We’re excited to start publishing submissions from our “Facing the Fire” theme! 

We loved seeing each reader’s approach to the prompt, from deeply personal accounts of the California fires, to examinations of historical fires, to meditations on local plants and animals. 

Something about this theme seemed to bring out the poets among us; nearly all of the submissions for this round were poetry. Of the 50 entries we received, each poet and photographer had their own unique way of facing the fire.

Thank you all for contributing to our journal, and for helping to raise funds for the California Native Plant Society. Over the next 30 days, we’ll be publishing these wonderful submissions.

If you’d like to stay involved, our current journal theme,  “Lessons from the Wild” is accepting submissions from November 15 through  December 1.

Thank you to all who participated!