The Power of the Flame

Red moon during night time


“Oh, dance with me!”
She exclaims.
Her naked flames ablaze,
Roaring red and orange
diluting the night.
Slicing through shades
Of black and navy blue.
Jagged waves of flames
Lapping up the atmosphere,
With charcoal trails of devastation.
Her open arms stretching up
To set the moon alight.
Her embers rise,
Twinkling like newly-formed stars,
As night flickers with
Snippets of stolen daylight.
She exudes warmth,
Enticing magic-trick shadows
Into her hypnotic light.
She can both smoulder and scorch.
Her smoke meanders,
Stalking oxygen,
As she pollutes the air
With her beguiling inferno.
Both beauty and destruction
Within one bated breath.


Poem by Lauren Kenna

Lauren is an administrator/daydreamer from Manchester, UK. She has always had a fascination with language and literature, and enjoys writing in her spare time. She has previously been published in the July 2020 edition of Refresh Magazine. You can also see more of her work at @whirlwind_of_reveries.