sublimating in combustion

Charcoal on fire

a log barks
skin ignites first, warns
flame commands
the canvas of amber pyrotechnics
alive in the darkest, midnight hours

as heat reaches the pores
microscope cells expand
pressure ruptures the walls
metamorphosis of wood explodes
to energy
snaps and crackles shout the approvals

as flame works on a knot
of a burning log
storm of sparks hurls the debris

fire then surrenders to ashes


By Saraswoti Lamichhane

Saraswoti comes from St. Albert. She is a mother of two happy daughters. She is a life celebrator and loves exploring beyond her world. At the age of twenty-four she decided to transplant her life from Nepal to Canada. She claims to have nature as her second mother. She loves wandering around the open space with her camera gears. She is an optimist and a continuous spiritual learner. Her poems have been published in a few journals & anthologies across the globe.