Fire Ship

The sea expressed itself leaving us
Provisions saturated and impractical
Charts drawn in dissolving plot lines
Among a vanishing and mutinous crew

Overboard went treasured collections
And wealth as we set fire to the entire
Vessel charging the hulk at the crag
Smashing its planks back into trees
And those trees again into paper

Onto which fresh messages would be
Written and rolled into glass beacons
Collected into nearly new crafts
Designed for the same doomed voyage
While old friends revert into strangers



Poem by Ludo Braca

Ludo Braca’s work has appeared in publications by Medusa’s Laugh Press, The Closed Eye Open, The Inquisitive Eater, and Cathexis Northwest Press. In his spare time, he takes great pleasure in the study of Classical numismatics. Ludo Braca currently lives in Austin, Texas. Visit for more.