Kick-Off: Lessons from the Wild

Green grass field and green tress during day time

Dear Tiny Seed Community,

We’re excited to start publishing submissions from our “Lessons from the Wild” theme!

It was an honor to read your responses to this prompt. Each submitter addressed in some way the innate wisdom of the wild and everything it offers to us. We were humbled to get a glimpse into each of your experiences with the natural world, and moved by the beautiful way you communicated these experiences.

Our readers reflected on various parts of the natural world — its mountains and streams, its diverse flora and fauna, the animals that wander its plains. Each submission communicated a singular experience with nature, and yet there were threads of humility and gratitude for the natural world in every submission.

Thank you all for contributing to our journal, and for helping to raise funds for the Wilderness Youth Project. We’ll be publishing your wonderful submissions over the next 30 days.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated!