Photo of waterfalls during fall season

Water roars
over boulders
heaved up by ice age
rushes through the canyon
boring holes and kettle pools
in the eons old rock
tumbling and churning
down the mountainside

We spent the afternoon climbing
through autumn’s golden haze
following the silver thread of water
through fierce red maples,
yellow aspens and dark green firs

Standing on the mossy precipice
above the falls
I grasp a thin branch
stare down the steep cliffs
into the chiseled granite
drink in the mist
thrill to the water’s voice

It beckons me
dares me
for seconds
into the whirlpool
swim dangerously

Something pulls me back
I find a shallow pool
Splash dance
for joy
in the icy flow

This waterfall
as mysterious as stars falling
on a deep clear night
gives me back
the center of myself


Poem by Elizabeth Fletcher

Elizabeth Fletcher’s poems have appeared in The Schuylkill Valley Journal, Ariel Chart, The Scarlet Leaf Review, the anthology Lost Orchard, and the Plum Tree Tavern. Several of her nature essays have been published in The Philadelphia Inquirer. She has a BA from Hamilton College, and an MS in Technical Communication from Drexel University.