Chapbook Release – Still by Corey Ruzicano


Still, Tiny Seed contributor Corey Ruzicano’s debut chapbook, is available for pre-order! Royalties from the book will go to supporting The Octavia Project., which brings creative writing, art, and science to high school students. You can preorder it here:


Corey Ruzicano is a writer and educator from the San Francisco Bay Area. You can find her work at Her poem, In Another Life, was published in Tiny Seed Journal last year. Whether writing, producing, teaching or riding the subway she seeks to empower voices and stories that encourage empathy.


As the title of this chapbook suggests, these poems sit equally inside movement and time, investigating both the banal and transformative moments of being that aggregate towards a life. Still is a work full of wonder and imagination: there is a poem in which the speaker imagines freezing to death as an extended metaphor for gendered violence, leading the reader through the chill and stupor, then the fighting back. Reading Ruzicano’s poems—which engage the eye through their shifting visual forms as well as the ear—I had the feeling I was walking through the landscape of memory, learning the landmarks, names of plants, and weather patterns along the way.

Claudia Rankine


In a deceptively quiet voice, Corey Ruzicano’s debut collection amplifies questions about how to live in complex times and how to locate oneself from the perspective of daughter, sister, friend, citizen; that as the poet investigates her relationships with the natural world, with family, and herself, the questions inform the interrogation with care and love. Her poems are both tender and lyrical, resounding and thoughtful. The result is a gifted writer’s appraisal that to live is to live with uncertainty and wanting, a voice to relish and trust.

–P Carl, author of Becoming a Man the Story of a Transition



The Octavia Project uses the creative power of science fiction and community to envision new futures and greater possibilities for our world. We foster spaces of imagination and exploration for young women and nonbinary youth in NYC, blending creative writing, art, science, and technology to encourage critical thinking, build confidence, and develop skills in a myriad of subjects. To find out more visit: