The Eagle

Bald eagle about to fly


The young eagle

screams from its nest

in the towering pine

with the broken top

on the tiny island

across the lily-padded bay.


He screams

out of loneliness

and need for food

deserted sometimes by his parents

stern          rigid

in their instincts.


His wings flap wildly for weeks

as he waits for the leap

for the courage

and the hunger

to push him to the edge

feel the wind

see the lushness

of the lake far below

calling out a meal.


He survives.

Survives the fledging flight.


Now the eaglet soars

across the lake

forests fields and skies

to spot a rabbit

miles away

with sight much sharper

than we

who worship him

use his image

for a flag or coin

or ceremony

reflecting strength

majestic spirit


giving us the courage

and the hunger

to push on to the edge

feel the wind and soar.


Poem by Janice S. Fuller

Janice is a poet who lives and writes in the desert of Tucson, Arizona, and on a lake in Wisconsin. Her poems have been published or are forthcoming in Amsterdam Quarterly, Caesura, Bethlehem Writers Roundtable, Gyroscope Review, and From the Depths among others. Janice is lucky to be inspired by saguaros and loons.