Wildness Provides

Beige and gray barn owl

Wildness provides transcendental wisdom
Seeping from nature’s system
Enlightenment to listening youth
Hidden, yet self-evident truth

Warm breezy pineywood sages
Sparrow with lessons for the ages
Sings of seeds and fire and wind
With which the system is underpinned

Mornings ethereal mist arise
Glistening visions to the wise
Scattered rainbow artistry
Nature’s prism provides the key

Strongly connected and flowing
Atoms to galaxies showing
Life, death, recycling
Love and struggle spiraling

In the eternal dance
Waltzing to nature’s cadence
From the sacred river music
Ancient rhythms magnific

Each cog and wheel a role
As the unending story unfolds
Diversity yet equality for all
Competition on this exquisite ball

Swampy soil bubbles and oozes
Primeval carbon from cypress diffuses
Otter and owl together edify
Microbes and leaves do testify

From the everchanging moon
Daily stories as a tune
Across time and space echoes
Perennial geometry in adagio

In the snowy silence peace
Humanity hears the plea
Pause in the crystalline tapestry
United in glorious majesty

I hope as I breath
Through the sage’s, human will see
Their dependence on mouse and tree
As upon thee and thee

Poem by Robert Carter

I am a naturalist and college professor enamored by nature. Nature has been my teacher since I was a child. Although I have many scientific publications concerning nature, I think my best work is in non-scientific writing and teaching people of all ages about the creations.