animal, hummingbird, bird

The hummingbirds
arrived in our backyard
again this summer,
stopping to refuel
on their long flight south.

We watched
as they helicoptered
around the feeders,
hovering as if frozen
in time and space
before darting off
to some secret place
in the forest.

Back and forth they sped,
their antics forming memories
that we will savor
for the uncertain time
memory lasts.

Originally published on The Ravensperch, July 6, 2016


By Richard Lebovitz

Richard Lebovitz is a former educator and editor living in Atlanta. He is currently involved in rescuing native plants and helping restore wildlife habitats. His poems have previously appeared in Broad River Review, Canary, The Curlew, The RavensPerch, POEM, Sky Island Journal, Tiny Seed Literary Journal and Town Creek Review.