Winter Solstice Sun

Winter solstice sun

I took my lunch outside today, quite late,

              to sit on a metal chair whose chill struck deep.

My hands curved gloved and warm around the mug,

              and my filling belly let me rest tranquil.

The sun began to stroke my cheekbone till

              I turned like a flower to its warmth and sat, eyes closed,

                             in an inner world of vivid pulsing red,

                                            nourished by soup and sun–then checked and yes,

                                                         this day, this very hour was winter solstice.


I’d felt the pull of our beloved sun

             at its very apogee, the furthest point

                           earth travels into space before its pause

                                          and turn to swing back through the icy wastes

                                                       of space to circle close to mother sun.


Poem by Wendy Blaxland


Wendy Blaxland is an award-winning writer. She has published poetry in Australia, England, the United States and Norway and over 110 books, mainly for children, both fiction and non-fiction. She is also a playwright with over 25 plays produced. Wendy lives surrounded by bush near Sydney. Much of her poetry is inspired by the environment in which she lives. But she is a citizen of the world and is passionate about how poetry can vibrate the heartstrings of its people.