How to Grow Baby’s Breath

Baby s breath blur bouquet close up

How to Grow Baby’s Breath

Let Spring Equinox untangle
the baby’s breath
of your exhaustion.

Be gentle with yourself,
but if the buds fall,
hold them, the pieces

of spirit they are,
let them rest
face up and down

in your palm,
and wake
with their white wrinkles,

their green neurons.
Let them teach
your mind and body

to breathe,
to hydrate,
to blossom,

and survive,
even in the vase
of hibernation.


Poem by Kristin Yates


Kristin Yates is home-grown from the backyard, flora and fauna rooting inside the wilderness trail of Lewisville, NC. Her poetry has previously appeared in Salem College’s Incunabula, The New Verse News, and Tiny Seed Literary Journal. Her work can be found at: