Submission Opportunity

Anthology Forest

Theme: Relationship between Forests and Human Communities 

Forests evoke something different from all of us. For some, a peaceful place with nature sounds, others think of adventure, awe, fear… etc. What comes to your mind when you think about Forests? What is your relationship to a Forest, your families, your communities?

Submission Guidelines: Poems only 

Conservation Donation: 50%of submission fees and book sales will be directly donated to the ¡Arbolution in  Oaxaca! Reforestation Project.

The Oaxaca reforestation project is a grassroots endeavor rooted in community.  The Mixteca region, like much of the state of Oaxaca, has seen its natural habitats changed by overharvesting and the need for fuel for the last few hundred years. Many thousands of hectares of the rich, biodiverse forests of Oaxaca have been stripped completely of their trees. This project seeks to empower the community to work together in planting trees for the common good and the future of the region. Climate change is one of the most urgent and disastrous crises facing humanity. Oaxaca, as the birthplace of agriculture in North America, is central to our shared history. It is imperative that we act together on behalf of future generations to restore and preserve the beauty and resources this region offers. 

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Submissions open Earth Day, April 21st – June 1st 


Publication: Blog postings throughout June, July, and August the hardcopy book will be published in 2021.