Forest photography

Photo filter
High contrast evening
Palest pink laurels against khaki brown bark
Light and lime and blue green leaves
Starkly verdant
Contradicting deepest black shadows

Light against dark
Life against death

The persistence of evening sky
Blocked by the canopy speaking:
This is not your time
This is not your space

It is time to rest
And mourn the death of day
Time to burrow into the silence of our humid graves

Where our roots reach for water and
Our secret openings close
Hiding the creatures who sojourn within
Until hunger forces a hunt
Or a fresh day calls them forth

Enter your bower
Shut out the light and refill the coffers
Of the soul
Protect the living thing deep inside

We can do nothing but obey the rhythmic call of our existence –
Wake, feed, nurture, rest.
Every human urge, every picture of ourselves, each celebration yields
To a vital return of our primitive instincts

In sharp contrast to our higher yearnings


Poem by Adele Beebe.

Adele Beebe has been writing since she could hold a crayon but has only recently found the courage to send her creations out into the world. Along with a human life-partner and a canine companion, she resides in the wilds of North Carolina where nature inspires her to write something everyday.