Stimulus Gratitude

Nature summer flower bee

Carefully emerging from social seclusion
we join the ranks of world famous hibernators

_______hedgehogs, wood frogs,
_______turtles, snakes, snails,
_______bumblebees, bats and bears

fellow creatures that innately understand the
when and why of laying low when it counts

no succumbing to social, financial or party pressures
untempted to prematurely end their sequestration

how is it such creatures with intellects far different
than ours so ably surpass our survival drive

their stimulus is to check it is time to safely raise
metabolism, heart rate and temperature

by following nature’s wisdom



Poem by Eric Burgoyne

Eric Burgoyne is a poet living in Haleiwa, Hawaii. His degrees are from Reading University, Berkshire, England, and the University of Utah. Later this year he completes a master’s degree in Creative Writing at Teesside University, Middlesbrough, England. He hibernates year round in the islands.