Snow and Sky

White clouds and blue sky


The sun tightens
her flush kerchief
around snow and sky,
an inseparable bond.

I wake to the thought of you,
I sleep under your peaceful watch
trusting the throat of this storm
won’t crash down as death once did,
burying me with questions,
the ‘why’ and ‘what for’

Is it faith?

Knowing the clouds
lap up the sleet,
the earth eventually,
absorbs liquid tears
from white pain.

If I could stop the questions,
I would have noticed the ice
dripping from the pink clouds.


Poem and video by Heidi Sander

Shortlisted for awards such as the CBC Literary Awards, Heidi Sander is a writer, poet and journalist whose poems have been published in literary journals, recited at conferences and funerals, in forests and canoes. She is the Founder of Blue Moon Publishers, Next Chapter Press, DigiWriting Book Marketing Agency, Stratford Writers Festival, Appetite for Words Festival and #CanLitPit.