Swaying Trees

Swaying Trees

Lodgepole pine dance
on a windy day,
whispering ancient secrets
in a hypnotic way.

Steller’s jays mimic their wag,
as they gracefully sway.
Caressed by breezy fingers,
jays dance the day away.

Excitement reverberates
as fireflies awaken to play.
Nature keeps announcing
“Witness our magical foray.”

My mind clutches a memory
of dancing trees that day.
How they called my name,
inviting me to stay.

The forest sizzles with life;
hear what it has to say.
Let your spirit blossom
freely; don’t delay.


Poem by Fred Appelhanz


I am a nature addict, living on 30 acres, overlooking a valley to the west. I travel, usually driving, having been to all states west of the Mississippi. I have self-published 8 books of poetry. Also. I play 6 and 12 string guitar, Hammer dulcimer, Balalaika and a little bit of ukulele.