Forest Dance

Forest Dance

Bare feet thump moist earth
in this sprightly dance
through enchanted wood.

Twirling over the spongy blanket
of emerald moss. Arms outstretched
to graze fingers, like the soaring branches
stretching above.

Weaving through pines
hair swirls, leaves rustle,
the sweet musty breeze sweeps
over dewy skin and bark.

Dense forest echoes with laughter
and moonlight filters through canopy
to greet this circle of women.

Fireflies twinkle as they float
suspended on misty fog.
A horned owl hoots in the

Crickets and voices sing
in this joyful celebration.
Giving thanks for each other
and all nature bestows.


Poem by Lisa Owens


Lisa Owens is an emerging poet from St. Louis, Missouri and is currently working towards a Certificate of Creative Writing from Washington University in St. Louis. With a passion for connection to self, nature and others, she seeks to inspire, instill strength and build a relationship with the reader. Her work can be found in two forthcoming anthologies by Quillkeepers Press, Turning Dark into Light, and Other Magic Tricks of the Mind and Rearing in the Rearview and in Bluing the Blade (forthcoming, Tempered Runes Press).

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