Sylvan Bliss

Sylvan Bliss

Passage to a primeval reality
Offering freshen and vitality
To the world worn mind
Wisdom and balm to those inclined

Rambling in the kingdom sylvan
Freedom and connections are given
Deep from the forest divine
Tales and mystery from before time

An organic setting for the theatrical
Casting in the natural spectacle
With beauty, cruelty, and glory
Telling evolution’s endless story

Oaks rise as cathedral spires
Decked in viridescent attire
Dogwood presents its floral elegance
Wildflowers dance with grace and benevolence

Dew enveloped morning sonata
Warblers and wind in a cantata
Creates a verdant celebration
Offering the daily oblation

Wild azaleas bloom by the forest stream
From stone and water, song and life teem
Calming the psyche and feeding the thrush
Then from the turmoil, mayflies rush

In this sacrosanct condition
Meditation should be the position
To sustain mind, the sylvan bliss
Must remain and persist


Poem by Robert Carter

I am college professor and educator with a natural history museum. I grew up wandering the Carolina forest and spent much of my career viewing the crated world as a scientist. Now I seek the deeper meaning in nature.