Wild Ways

Selective focus photo of grass in forest

wild ways

a generous mother she is
in her womb, an infinite beat
conceived, birthed, and nurtured
crawls, strolls, feathers in flight
inhaling her exhale

draped in a tamed skin
touching the lichens
a patch of jade and crystal
moist trails of earthly wonders
inhaling her exhale

a forest bath unfold
shedding of the old
rings of sins, begin a peel
the flesh of the fresh I feel
inhaling her exhale

a bare dance under the thunder
screaming the mourn
of an inner demise
now naked and wild
inhaling her exhale


Poem by Kamakshi Lekshmanan


Having chosen to transit from the recruitment industry, Kamakshi turned into a nature enthusiast, and is found toddling through the jungles of India capturing wildlife, primarily the avian wonders. She also crafts stories from her wildlife journeys which can be found at http://www. khaga.net. Her Himalayan calling pulls her often into the land of mountains and mystics. Some of her work can be found in zoo’s print magazine.