The Forest Gift

Waterfalls in forest

The Forest Gift

Eight miles down the trail and I feel the forest.
No longer do I just see the trees,
the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher,
the Winter Firefly.

Eight miles down the trail and I am the forest.
I am the green chloroplasts, those energy making machines.
I am the rootedness.
I am the community.

Breath offered by plants becomes my breath.
Sunshine, my heart.
Moonlight, my soul.
River, my blood.
Beetle, my best friend.

The answer to my life lives in this forest.
Just give me eight miles and eight more to be,
to live the gift of the real me.


Poem by Jennifer Kleinrichert


Jennifer Kleinrichert is completely enamored with this planet. You can find her at and @thecommonmilkweed.

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