Symbol of Freedom

Over the deserts and mountain peaks
Through entwined vines and branches of trees
Tracing the horizon when the sunsets in
Birds were born to charm the world we live in.
Among the blooming buds of spring
Balanced on bell towers that ring
Cuddled within heaven peaks and sing
To us all fluttering your wing.
Caged within bars of iron
Innocent prisoners; depressed entertainers
Let them live the life they deserve
Let realization shoot human brains and melt their
hearts of Ferrum.
Let love and kindness spread with the breeze
And help all living beings to live in peace
Let man lose his greed and thirst for power
Winged creatures now spread your wings and gently hover.


Poem by Sathyani Kotakadeniya



Sathyani Kotakadeniya is a law and psychology undergraduate from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia (QUT). She is a frequent contributor to the QUT student magazine “Glass”. Her poetry has appeared in the “Ovid to Covid” webzine which is a part of ‘Poetry and Covid’: a project funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council of the University of Plymouth and Nottingham Trent University. She is also the winner of the September 2020 Australian micro-fiction competition “Write from The Heart”.