Outdoor Conversations

Low angle photography of green trees


Sky and trees touching

to bend light


their branches and boughs

bowing to the earth


as wind blows

softly to a breeze


of uplift and down

the talking whispering


touching there is the forest

of rocks and sounds


all the creatures

outside my doors


beyond my windows

opening wonders.


Poem by Lynne Goldsmith

Lynne’s first book, Secondary Cicatrices, won the 2018 Halcyon Poetry Prize, a 2019 American Book Fest Finalist Award, a 2020 Human Relations Indie Gold Winner Book Award, and a 2020 International Book Finalist Award. Her poetry has been published in Backchannels Journal, Thimble Literary Magazine, All-Creatures.Org, Journal for Critical Animal Studies, The Environmental Magazine, Red Planet Magazine, Interalia Magazine, among others.