5-4-3-2-1: the forest is a mindset

Sunset on rain forest

see vultures patrolling
the roof. wrens nesting
light fixtures. squirrels foraging
the road’s edge. geese hiking
sidewalk less traveled.

feel grass on elbows and
who greets you. it’s better
if you don’t already
know their name.

hear the windows of your eyes
open, and let in
animal instinct.

smell the message
of every call— tone— bite—

taste the illusion of city.




Poem by Kristin Yates


Kristin Yates is home-grown from the backyard, flora and fauna rooting inside the wilderness trail of Lewisville, NC. Her poetry has previously appeared in Salem College’s Incunabula, The New Verse News, and Tiny Seed Literary Journal. Her work can be found at: https://www.instagram.com/beautefantasy/