Forget time. Forget electricty. Forget phones.

Anything that needs to be plugged in,

just forget it.

And go unplug.


Go where you rise with the sun.

Where the bird songs are the only

thing you wake up to.

Sit with your cup of tea and actually

taste every drop that meets your tongue.


Step outside and let the sun dry your

hair and the wind give wings to your worries

so that they may take flight far, far away.


Smell the scent of clay, grasses and wildflowers.

Here the heartbeat of Earth drumming it’s

vibration, coming up through the soles of your feet.

Soaking through your veins and becoming part of you.

It carries throughout your body, where it reaches

your heart.


Just breathe.

For you.


And as the day ends, sprawl out under the

stars and watch how the night brings light

to their beauty.

Let the stars tell you a bedtime story

of the worlds far, far away; galaxies and universes

with different stories.


Go to bed with the moon. Let her light

soak through your skin and the late summer

cricket songs sing you to sleep.


This isn’t a dream.

This is your life.

Wake up, and do it all over again.


Poem by Felicia White


Bio: Growing up, I was immersed in nature, mainly hiking and camping with my dad. I continue to explore mountains, both near and far. My connection with nature has deepened when I became a mother. I felt a kinship with Mother Nature and found our stories to be similar. She takes care and nurtures us, just as I do for my son. I have a new-found appreciation for Mother Earth. I studies journalism in college and have always felt there were stories within me to tell, more so since I have tuned into the Earth and listened to what she has to say.