Coming Home

Photo of tree near sunflowers

The old oak remembers
how you danced around its branches
singing childish melodies.

It remembers your name, and
longs to hear your laughter
while you swing within its arms.

It remembers you gathering
its bountiful acorns, sharing
your concern for a small creature’s food.

Grasses of the meadows remember
the footsteps of an energetic spirit,
barefoot and carefree.

Grasses would tickle innocent toes
as you twirled and smiled,
through a world of adventure.

The meadows abounded with flowers
to be gathered for your treasures;
in bouquets of magical colors.

The old house remembers
how you embraced your home,
coating its walls with love.

It remembers you growing up
amid tears, laughter and creativity,
as it quietly watched in awe.

The house, trees and meadows remember
an amazing human spirit.

They experienced joy-
at your arrival.



Poem by Fred Appelhanz