Bow, sow, grow

Green leafy plant starting to grow on beige racks

An oxygen planet seems to parch
As the sun seem to scorch
The flowing water
Invisibly disappear
Into a vapor sphere
Painting grey on barren sky

A life that is less
Of hues of lush
Tones that cry
Inside the blocks of sand that is dry
Far is a hope
For the bare to seed and sprout

Thunders absent
Humans and species in freeze
The turquoise is crisp
Dreaming of the cloud clasp

Sow, sow
Steady with a bow
Etching the borders of river
That drips in pain

Young and old
Await, do – sow and sow
Steady with a bow
The pristine ebb and flow
Dance through the rocks

The boundless scent
Gather in sky
An illumination crack from the heavens to the dry
Humans of the earth, gaze atop
The wonder of their hands
Shower, the wither

The toothless man
Began to scream
For ages he has missed
To see a drop of freshwater
Touch his bald

Here is a land that
Once was leafy
Began to fade and fall

Hall of nature
Is a promise to those
Who cheer her cues
Lounging on her lap
For the gentle and wise
There is no demise
Earth and species
Survive tall

A story of many
In a world that may shrink
Toil in the soil is the way
For the tiny seed
To brim and grow

Now is the time
To act on time
Because is a tomorrow
That may fade and fall

Now is the time
To scatter and rise
To seed the habit
Waking up before the sun

Watch him glow
Onto her in slow
For the fields to grow
That shine in a row
For the fields to grow
That shine in a row!



Poem by Kamakshi Lekshmanan

Miles I walked. It is a home coming. Forests, mountains, poetry and I became inseparable. Memories became Paperboats and Puliinji(A personal memoir), love for poetry is a constant work in progress – Kamakshi Lekshmanan