Winter Camp

Snow and trees

Winter Camp –
Miles east of the Muskwa Range into the Boreal Forest

Born in and of water
I step out on the lake
axe open
the frozen crust
sink the pails
like sacred vessels
at the well.

I brace myself
upper body
balances the
five gallon buckets
one in each hand,
the lower body
steadies the pace
spine strengthens
into the climb
up to the cabin.

A breath, a cup
I sip the water
take in the lake
like mother’s milk.



Poem by Rebecca Ramsden

Rebecca, a retired Registered Nurse, is the guts behind Poets Chair, graffiti for social media posting while traveling. She goes to the wilds to soothe the mind and open the heart to what is consistently stable. Being surrounded by nature, she feels held by the Great Mother, safe to traverse the shadows and fears. Rebecca’s poems have been published in The Dewdrop, This was 2020, Martin Lake Journal, Please See Me, Talking Stick and as winner of the Creekside Poetry contest.