3 Year Anniversary for Tiny Seed Journal

Selective focus photography of dandelion flower

3 years ago today, Tiny Seed Journal was started…  a seed was planted, a tiny dream was given wings… with a vision to create an online journal for lovers of nature to come together and share their passion for nature through words and photographs. 3 years later we have published over 800 different writers and photographers, our journal has had over 50,000 unique visitors to our website, from over 125 different countries. Pretty amazing! 

It has been an absolute pleasure to have worked to make this dream come true with my sister Emily Cayer (co-founder and managing editor of Tiny Seed Journal), and our amazing interns, Soli Levi, Julie Plummer, Jessica Scirocco, and Syd Shaw. 

We are so honored to have worked with so many talented, creative and visionary nature lovers.

Thank you!


Seeds to plant
to take us back
to our origins.

wild offshoots,
sacred tangled roots.

Seeds to revive
the formless
before the form.

Seeds to uncover
and recognize
the dormant
patterns of being.

Seeds renew belief
in seasons cold,
they’re life’s insurance,
Growth resumes…
in its seasonal persistence.

Poem by Laura Stone

Laura Stone is the founding editor of Tiny Seed Literary Journal. She is a lover of words, a collector of typewriters, and an avid naturalist. She is dedicated to the growth and placement of the many seeds planted within this journal, may they support each writer & artist as they grow into full fruition.