Naidra’s Pollinator Sight: The Secret of Pollinator Ultraviolet Vision

A new publication from Tiny Seed Poet Gregory Kanhai.

A fun, rhyming short story of how Naidra discovers that pollinators see flowers in ultraviolet – ultra-V! It emphasizes reading, research, engaging with nature and being kind to plants.The story begins with Naidra sitting in their parent’s garden observing a caterpillar. One day, the caterpillar disappears. Naidra investigates the whereabouts of the caterpillar through reading and exploring. Naidra’s curiosity in observation and inquiry allows them to communicate with a bee who explains that Naidra cannot see the butterfly chrysalis because it is hidden and only pollinators can see it using ultraviolet vision. The story follows how Naidra gets to see in ultra-V by listening to the bee and being kind to the pollinators and plants.

You can find a link to the book here:

Gregory grew up in Guyana and immigrated to the United States after high school. He holds masters degrees in Neuroscience and Psychology. His writing covers topics of identity and wellbeing. As a child, he read many nature magazines, spent quiet hours in his mother’s garden observing the insects and plants, and enjoyed the intimacy of power outages.