Lake Erie sunset welcoming us home

Photograph by Stuart Terman

Nice to travel but happier to find our way home to this July/sunset over Lake Erie, as a surprise welcome.

I thought this picture–taken as the plane carrying us home was about to land after a long trip–might be appropriate for this ‘return’ issue with no embellishment needed. People often take pictures of their travels/exotic places, and perhaps just appreciating one’s safe arrival back home might not as often be recorded.

I’m a physician, previously on the staff of the Cleveland V.A. Hospital/several area hospitals/my Ophthalmology practice also. I’ve had publications in a number of Medical/Surgical/Literary/Ocular Journals, including the ‘Annals of Plastic Surgery’, the ‘Annals of Ophthalmology’, and the ‘Consultant for Pediatricians’, among others over the past years, and am now retired.