Fragile, she is

Shallow focus photo of dandelion

My palms shivered
On a rainy day
When I held a life
Stick to my skin

In her
Is a life
That is not just her

The glory of the sun
Beads of water
Is all it takes
A planet she may thrive

I still shiver
When I hold a seed
Until the moment
She sailed into the soil
Moist and abundant

A seed, though she is
May mother a planet
A ray of Sun
Water and a grain of soil
Nothing more to it
From bud to flourish

A seed, though she is
May mother a planet



Poem by Kamakshi Lekshmanan


Kamakshi Lekshmanan arrived home through her forest and mountain trails. Poetry and Kamakshi became inseparable. Memories became Paper boats and Puliinji( her debut memoir) and her love for poetry is a constant work in progress. She constantly looks for opportunities where she can contribute her experiences from the wild – to art and poetry. Her photo essays and poetry can be found in – Zoo’s print magazine and Tiny seed literary journal.