seed of the city

Potted plant placed on windowsill at home

daughter of mine,
took her in as a dot
gave her dirt blankets in a
round clay room –
fed her with tap water
and my sleeping breath.

away from her culture & kind.
came out of soil’s womb
by the spectrum lamp light –
known only by a side table
and the occasional window.

only knowing my face, my eyes.
the single green vision in
my concrete, shoebox studio.
the color of my world –
my precious captive.



Poem by Jezebel Harper

Jezebel Harper is an aspiring poet who was born and raised in the poor, rural back roads of southern Alabama. Her current pastimes include exploring historical locales and abandoned places, studying history and sociology, and engaging in activism in her local community. She has managed to keep exactly one houseplant alive.