Patience is

Gray feathered bird on grassy ground

Gobbled up, by a bird,
No greater function,
purpose served.

But await, bird alights,
Leaving stains,
Black and white.

In it spy, tiny seed,
Now to grow,


Poem by Luke Hannon

I am an aspiring poet from Meath, Ireland, attempting to start my career in poetry. I am currently submitting poems to reputable poetry journals and magazines, and I am aiming to release my first poetry collection in the foreseeable future. I recently won first place in the Macra na Feirme Creative Writing Competition 2022 Poetry Section with my poem Altar Man, which was subsequently published by the Irish Farmers Journal. In March 2022 Agriland published an article about my poetry aspirations, including four of my poems. I am interested in writing poems with themes surrounding the natural world, mental health and loss among other themes.