The Garnet Soul


Photograph by Tracey Dean Widelitz


Tracey Dean Widelitz is a published writer, poet and photographer, and is the author of ‘A Heavenly World’ children’s book. Her poetry has been published in Wingless Dreamer’s ‘Dreamstones of Summer’, ‘Dawn of the Day’, ‘Whispers of Pumpkin’, ‘My Cityline’ and ‘Field of Black Roses’ Anthologies, and she was the Grand Winner of Wingless Dreamer’s ‘Dreamstones of Summer’ Poetry Contest and one of the top finalists in ‘Field of Black Roses’ Poetry Contest 2022. Her photographs appear in ‘Months to Years’ Winter 2022 edition and ‘Camas’ Winter 2021 edition literary magazines, ‘Burningwood’ April 2022 literary journal and Las Laguna Art Gallery February show ‘Captured’ (Photography) 2022-Online Edition, Las Laguna Art Gallery March 2022 Online Exhibition ‘Landscapes or Seascapes’ and Las Laguna Art Gallery April 2022 Online Exhibition “Light & Shade”. Visit her website at