Becoming a Wildflower and Dutchman’s Breeches

The time is right to bloom!
I know it because my seed has been warmed by the Earth to the perfect temperature.
It feels right to bloom!
I just know that the time for resting is over.
Growth is not always comfortable.
My roots and stems need to stretch.
They may hit a rock on their way up through the warm soil, but it is May, and it is my time to bloom!

I have bloomed.
What does it feel like to be beautiful and to be admired by humans?
Most of the time you can feel their love and admiration. It radiates from their being.

And so, it is…from the essence of the Wildflower.



Poem and photograph by Nancy Cook

Nancy Cook is now retired and an emerging writer. She has been writing blogs since 2010, with much of the writing having nature and spirituality themes. Her connection to the spirit word comes through to this dimension with automatic writing and drawing.