one day
i’ll be as wise

as roses
allowing my body to
shimmer toward

morning sun
bowing toward
death [for isn’t sunrise

about the death
of night] each fold

joys sorrows

no wasting
time on
embarrassment each

browning petal
equal to the task of

which is to
be available to
the moment

to you
to me
to awe

Poem and Photograph by Anne Richardson

Anne Richardson honors the wisdom of nature in her writing and photography. She is a poet & spiritual companion and is nurturing her newest passion: photography. Publications include VoiceCatcher and Tiny Seed Literary Journal and had a selection in their recent publication: Anthology Forest; A Collection of Poems Honoring the Forest. She has twice been a recipient of Willamette Writers Kay Snow Award for Poetry (2nd and 3rd place.) She will be included in the upcoming 2022 Poetry Box anthology and future issues of Mountain Bluebird Magazine. Follow her at