Canoe me into the deep waters

rain me to the ground,
light breeze me along
the lips of river’s currents,
thunderstorm me lightening
my bones to stars,
serenade me with sweet corn
salty butter dripping
from my mouth.
Succulent summer wrap
sweet blueberry arms
around me;
tickle me taunt me trick me
into believing this myopicy is all there is
a calico bonnet filled
with meadows of purple poppies
a celestial cradle filled with bears and dragons
sea goats and swans.
Make me your summer lullaby
my hair a nest for red winged blackbirds
my fingers Queen Anne’s lace and little star asters.

Poem and Photograph by windflower

windflower, her wife, border collie and mini aussie live on the Mendocino Coast in Northern California. She attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst for her undergraduate (English) and graduate (M.Ed. in English) degrees. She co-founded the Feminist Arts Program at the University of Massachusetts Women’s Center where she published and edited, Chomo Uri, a women’s multi-arts magazine and produced the first National Women’s Poetry Festival in 1976. Her poetry has been published in numerous journals and anthologies, including international publications. windflower is also a photographer celebrating the poetry in nature.