planet earth

The earth hums, scientists
say, though ears can’t hear
its wondrous vibrations,
the music of deep waves
strumming the ocean floor.
Yet, what stories earth
could tell, they say,
if like ancient hunters,
ears pressed to the ground
for the sound of hoofbeats,
we could hear tectonic plates
shifting and heaving earth’s
crust or the mystical notes
that must emanate
from its spinning core.

Poem by Richard Lebovitz

Richard Lebovitz is a former educator and editor living in the Upper Chattahoochee Watershed in the Georgia Piedmont.. He is currently involved in rescuing native plants and helping restore wildlife habitats. His small backyard is a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat, Georgia Native Plant Society Certified Native Plant Habitat and Georgia Audubon Certified Wildlife Sanctuary. His poems have previously appeared in Broad River Review, Canary, The Curlew, The RavensPerch, POEM, Sky Island Journal, Tiny Seed Literary Journal and Town Creek Review.