A Window Into The Past

A man
looks out
the window
to a view
that turns
his thoughts
to the worn pages
of his youth…
the sea
of green grass
withers and
the trees
their leaves
like multicolored tears.
Their bare arms
spread wide open
beckoning him
to come outside.

Artwork by Autumn Foote
Poem by Patricia Cannon

Autumn Foote is a casual self-taught artist, with a lot of life ahead of her to learn from. She does work as an IHSS worker, and for a couple friends. She loves reading and art, and she’s got a goal to put her faith first in her life.

Patricia Cannon has been a Registered Nurse at UCSF since 2001. She has worked in cardiac critical care, neurointensive care, hemeoncology, school nursing, and currently, in research. Her passion is her faith, photography, and the written word in all its forms.