The Seed to the Sun

yellow flowers
Crouch, with knees and hands tight to spine.
Feet planted deep into the earth divine.
Breath in, towards the center of my being,
Held, felt, nourishing my life, unseen.

Full, content, with a need to grow
I drive body ‘n breath with even flow.
Incrementally smooth, from ground to sun ...
Tension ‘n grief out; from breath, joy is spun.

Hands clasped, arms twisting to the sky,
It is a dance of summer; releasing a winter’s sigh.
Reaching, reaching through feet, back, hips,
Until breath is out and life briefly slips.

Then deep, deep, I breathe, and expand
Hands jazzy, back pert, eyes fanned.
Hold. Hold. Ribs taut, hands to sky,
Then out again exerting a silent cry.

Oh, Summer, bosom of the demiurge,
See me swing, laugh ‘n unfurl; merge
Prostrate, delicate, into a being on the verge
of finally crouching again, ready to surge!

Poem by Gregory Kanhai

Gregory is a lover of the sun and nature. He holds masters degrees in Neuroscience and Psychology. As a child he read many nature magazines, spent quiet hours in his mother’s garden observing the insects and plants, and enjoyed the intimacy of power outages. He holds masters degrees in neurobiology and psychology. He has rediscovered a need for plants in his life, and is a strong supporter of embracing the natural world to heal from psychological alienation and mental health stress. He spends his free time writing poetry, working on his book ideas, and thinking about how he can be a good participant in this world.