Trust as Synonym for Gardener

wicker bag with blooming flowers near watering can

What else to call it when you drop
seeds into furrows where only a few
days earlier crystals of frost shone
in the early sunlight? What other
label to apply to those who would
bet everything on the coming of rain,
the steadiness of sun, who are willing
to risk beetle and deer, aphids
and raccoons, who put their faith
in the reliability of the seasons,
the strength of their own backs,
who year after year return
to the work they love.

Poem by Connie Jordan Green

Connie Jordan Green lives on a small farm in East Tennessee. She is the author of two award-winning novels for young people, two poetry chapbooks, and two poetry collections. Her work has been widely published in journals and anthologies. She frequently leads writing workshops. For more information, please visit her website,